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 Deezer Anime OP/ED Selection

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PostSubject: Deezer Anime OP/ED Selection   Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:11 pm

hy mina,

I have not completed 1 year yet watching and listening Animes and i am addicted for this. Until now i am asking myself why i have become a slave of it, and one of the reason is the j-pop and soundtracks composes.

Clannad's soundtrack is a must, and you can listen this complete in YouTube.

But there are other places to listen music too, and Deezer.com is another.

Follow my Playlist that i have created in Deezer and it is in progress, of coarse. Yeah, you can listen it without to be registered.


Some Feature in this playlist (i love them):
Shine of Voice - Dream (Ichigo 100% OP)
Hit in the USA (Beck OP)
DearS OP - Love Slave - Hiromi Kikuta
Home Sweet Home -Yuki (Credits Music of Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow ) For me the best Naruto movie EVER!!

i hope you enjoy mina!

ps: You, guys from Ani-Watch, could create a account and share a player inside of the Blog page...
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Deezer Anime OP/ED Selection
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